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Staff CPD Sessions

Professional Development Sessions

The LRC provides a range of professional development sessions as part of the Wednesday E-Savvy programme running in the ICT suite from 11:00am-12:00. If you missed one of these sessions they can be run again on a group or individual basis. Please email Mark or Lucia to make a booking.

General LRC induction

This 30 minute session, intended for new staff will familiarise you with;

  • General LRC facilities
  • Using the VLE(virtual learning environment), a gateway to subject and reference databases, LRC subject directories and catalogue and teaching materials
  • How the LRC can work with you to improve your students information skills and grades
  • Collection development – collaboration between the LRC and CAs

Google and Beyond

This 1 hour session will introduce you to a range of advanced search techniques for making the most of Google but also applicable to a range of online search engines including;

  • How Google works – indexing and results retrieval
  • Planning a search and key wording good practice
  • Phrase and proximity searching, specifying searches by domain and by page title

Plagiarism: Defining, Dissuading and Detecting

This 1 hour session will introduce you to current definitions of plagiarism and how it can be mitigated through a combination of assignment design and detection techniques and tools.

Secondary ICT – Plagiarism – A Cut and Paste Generation

A look at how staff combat plagiarism in schools, colleges and universities, following the rise of the internet and the cut and paste generation.

Duration: 30 minutes – http://www.teachers.tv/video/30749

VLE Database Sessions

The LRC subscribes to a range of reference and subject specific databases whose information sources can be used not only to support student’s independent research but also assignment creation and your continuing professional development. Each session will last aproximately 45 minutes.

ProQuest News Platform and Issues Online

This session will introduce you to the most effective techniques for using ProQuest News Platform, an online database of full text articles from the UK’s leading newspapers and magazines and Issues Online, a topical thematically arranged newspaper articles and research.

Oxford Reference

Oxford Reference provides access to an unparalleled range of encyclopaedic and dictionary resources.  This session focuses on searching the database effectivly.

Gale Infotrac

This database provides access to a comprehensive selection of academic articles from 1300 journal titles. These include the full range of Phillip Allan update titles from 1999 to the present.

Science Reference Centre

This thematically arranged database contains a vast range of journal articles, e-books and audio-visual resources to support A1-A2 science students. 

Your resource suggestions

  • We are very keen to get suggestions for resources from teaching staff, who are in the best position to know what the students need.
  • Please do visit the LRC regularly and let us know what you think of the book stock in your subject area(s).
  • You can use this Resource Suggestion Form to send us your recommendations for new purchases.

Book boxes

  • Using the book box service, staff can borrow up to 25 books at once for use in the classroom to encourage student research around a topic.
  • Book box accounts have been set up on the library management system for all members of teaching staff.
  • If you are short of time, we are happy to find books in the appropriate subject area for you.   Just let us now your requirements at least a day in advance (Contact the LRC staff )

Professional Development Collection

  • We are currently developing a collection of Professional Development resources that can be borrowed only by teaching staff.
  • This collection is shelved in the LRC Office.
  • To view our Professional Development resources using the Heritage Online Catalogue, just enter the two letters pd into the search box.
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