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Zoning and Behaviour

To help all members of the WMSF community to get the maximum benefit from the LRC we have introduced a zoning system for activities and noise levels.


ICT Suite – Outside of scheduled lessons in the suite please work individually at the PC’s.  You are welcome to talk quitly with your immediate neughbour but please do not group around PC’s or shout across the room.

North Room – The study desks can accomodate four people.  You can talk with your study friends at a desk, but please keep the volume down and conversation focused on your work.  If you feel like a break, have one, but take any non-work related converation out into the court yard, or the ground floor canteen. You are welcome to use laptops or handhelds at these desks using our Wi-Fi conection.

South Room – If you are working in a group at the study desks please keep conversation foused on work and the volume to a quite conversational level.  You are welcome to use laptops or handhelds through our Wi-Fi connection.

Silent Study Area -Please respect absolute silence in this room.  You are welcome to use touch screen technolgies to access our Wi-Fi connection but please no keyboard work.

Behaviour Policy

The LRC team are here to help you get the best out of the LRC resources and facilities and to advise you on developing better research and wider study skills.  Please be aware that the LRC team, as with teachers, are empowered to apply the Sixth Forms behaviour managament policy.

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