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Borrowing Resources

The LRC has over 16,000 physical resources, the majority of which are available for loan to students and staff.  To find out the details of relevant resources use Heritage Online, the LRC catalogue and refer to our help guide to finding books and other resources on the shelves here.

Types of loan

The LRC has four categories of loans.  You can tell what loan type a resource is by looking at the sticker on the spine of a book or resource case.

Reference – Can only be used in the LRC

Standard loan – two weeks

Short loan – three days

Overnight – one day and if lent on a Friday over the weekend

Loan entitelments

Students can borrow up to six resources at a time.  Staff are entitled to 10 resources on their personal account and 25 on a Book Box account.

To have an item lent take it to the Entrance Issue Desk, you will be asked to show your ID card, so please have it ready.  To return items take them to a member of staff at the Issue Desk for return, don’t just return resources to the shelves or leave them at an unattended desk as they may not be returned from your account and you will still be held responsible for them!

Overdue Resources

We don’t charge overdue fines but do expect that all resources are either renewed with a member of staff or via Heritage Online (unless they have a reservation) or returned by the due date stamped in the front of the book or resource case.  If you have items overdue your use of LRC PC’s will be suspended and if items become over a half term overdue your use of the network for both standard and Wi-Fi connection will be suspended.

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