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I don’t have a library card, do I need to register for one?  

No, your ID card is your library card and you have been automatically registered on the library management system.  If you want to take up to five items on loan simply take them to the issue desk and present your card for scanning.

How do I log into the network PCs in the LRC?

U/N your four digit ID number (you can locate this on your photo ID card)

P/W If you are a first year then your date of birth in the format 00/00/0000.  When you have logged in you can change your password by holding down the keys ctrl ,alt, delete to bring up a diolog box then click on the button for change password.

Is there any charge for printing?

Black and white printing is free to students, although we would encorage students to be careful when printing to avoid wasting paper.

Does the LRC have a scanner?

Yes, the photocopier in the Entrance Hall has a scan facility, please ask a member of the LRC team for assistance.

How do I set up my Wi-Fi connection for my iphone, android phone or laptop? 

An email containing your Wi-Fi login details will have been sent to your OUTLOOK account in the first week of term.  If you have deleted this email by mistake please contact the technical services team for a replacement by emailing technicalservicesdept@wmsf.ac.uk

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